Fitness Friday: How Soda Impacts Your Body

I have never been a soda drinker until I became pregnant with my first child. I had really bad headaches and my doctor recommended drinking some caffeine. It was the only thing that helped. A friend of mine told me her mom started drinking soda when she was pregnant with her youngest sister and that she still is addicted and her sister is 18! I was relieved that the craving and the headaches went away after giving birth. Same thing happened when I was pregnant with my second, but the only different is that she is now 13 months and that dang craving has not gone away! I know it is awful and I go in spurts where I get off it for a little while, but then I have a few days of needing a little caffeine boost and I'm hooked again! I read an interesting article on the impact of soda recently, but can't find it. I did however, come across this image from a past news article that I thought summed up why I know I need to give it up. Here's to drinking more water! 

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