DIY: Christmas Neighbor Gifts

I really do try and embrace each holiday. I am not one to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. However, for me to really enjoy the Christmas Season it takes some planning ahead. It allows me to put 100% into whatever we decide we want to do and also makes it much less stressful. I have been thinking about neighbor/friend gifts for a little while now and have compiled a list of some of my favorite ideas. Hope this list is helpful to you! There are a bajillion ideas out there... have fun with it. Please feel free to share any awesome ideas you may have done in the past or even received. 

If you like this idea also check this blog for a similar idea with free printable as well.

Blowing Christmas Wishes Your Way with gum balls

Smells of the Season. Follow this link for packaging instructions.

Oh Come Let Us Adore Him. Love this printable. Would be sweet in a frame with a ribbon or tulle wrapped around it.

"The best GIFT around a Christmas Tree is the PRESENCE of family and friends, all WRAPPED up in each other." 
Or you could say "Wrap Yourself in the Holiday Spirit." 

Our Christmas wish to you...
less DISHES to do!

Merry Christmas!!


The Chezik Family said...

I read on a blog the extra dough one….that a good place to find those containers for cheap is at the grocery store (if they sell soup.) FYI.

Michelle Fenton said...

Thanks for that tip!