Super Hero Father's Day

Last year we surprised my husband for Father's Day with a local weekend getaway. Just wanted to share a few ideas with you that are sure to make your man feel like the "super man" he deserves to feel like! To go along with our super hero theme I made sure everything went around the red, blue, yellow color scheme. Dad's Root Beer was perfect. I found mine at World Market. I made a short little video of him with our girls using imovie and the comic theme. The bottle labels were found on this blog. I got bulk candy from my local Winco food store and I got super lucky finding the shirts at Walmart. Hope this inspires and gives some ideas!


Summer Reading List

Do you have a list of books you would like to read? Leave a comment and share them with me! They do not necessarily need to pertain to the home or motherhood, although my list happens to. If I could only have more time in the day or not have to sleep. Sleep is overrated anyway, right? Do you have any favorite parenting/motherhood books? Leave a comment! 


End of the Year Teacher Gifts!

Here are 5 of my favorite ideas for end of the year teacher gifts! 

When Looking Good is Bad for Baby

As most of you know, we are expecting baby #3 this Fall so when I saw the following graphic I was intrigued. Healthy Child is a nonprofit thats mission is to empower parents to take action and protect children from harmful chemicals. There have been over 287 toxic chemicals found in newborn cord blood. Who knew perfume has over 100 chemicals?! We are constantly exposed to different environmental chemicals, some which are beyond our control, however, I think it is interesting and something to think about and consider to avoid toxic personal care products during pregnancy.


Thoughts on this Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! I cannot express enough how full my heart is with gratitude for the blessing and opportunity to be a mother and for the trust that my Heavenly Father has in me to trust me with his precious children. I know you know the feeling.... the feeling that your heart just wants to burst! I am a mother of two sweet girls that completely have my heart. With that said, motherhood is hard! Just when I think I have it all figured out I am thrown through a loop. I have never had my patience tested more and I have never been smothered with so much love and boogers on a daily basis. There is nothing I want more than to be a wife and a mother. I am grateful for my best friend and husband who is in this parent thing whole heartedly with me. He is so involved and hands on and helps, encourages and supports me to be the best mom that I can be.

I am expecting baby #3 and we could not be more excited. This baby has been prayed for and I know is meant for us. I am about 14 weeks and am just getting out of the first trimester funk and exhaustion, which is the reason for my little hiatus from this blog. I also have taken a little break because to be completely honest I have not felt like the "professional mom" that I so badly want to be (you know the mom playing in the major leagues... the whole purpose of this blog!). I have been surviving every day with lots of naps, way too much Daniel Tiger and Frozen and way more Coke Zero than I care to admit!  I have been way too impatient with my 3 year old and have not planned many outings or activities that her little active, needs lots of attention personality thrives on and needs. Consequently she has been acting up and I have been very reactive instead of the proactive mom that I usually try to be.

I guess my purpose in the above venting is to not only explain my lack of posting, but also share with you just how wonderful we are as mothers. Sometimes we go through a little funk... there are millions of reasons and causes, but at the end of the day I hope we can remember just how important our calling as mothers is and how much we love our children and how loved we are by them.


Even Superheroes need a boost! Enter to win a Vitamix!

In honor of Mother's Day coupons.com is giving away a Vitamix! Follow this link to enter for a chance to win and also to take a quiz to find out what kind of superhero mom you are! I got "Elasti-Girl". Although lately I haven't felt like the "ultimate juggler... that somehow stretches to fit everything in... and a super multi-tasker."  We all have different strengths and abilities! I think it's important to remember that as mother's and even just as women, we are all superheroes and even super heroes can use a boost! Make sure to enter coupons.com giveaway