Summer BORED Acronym- Read a book.

I love this BORED acronym. I will be addressing each of these items, over the next few days... sorry, not in order though. Today- R- read a book!

We love books at our home. I taught preschool and so was fortunate enough to have a lot of books donated to me as well as purchased a lot of books along the way, so my girls have a nice library full of classics and fun, random books. They have a book shelf full of books as well as both of them have a basket of books in their rooms and we have a basket of books in our front room as well. We visit the library frequently and love checking out new books. Books can get expensive, so join your local library and check them out. Also, check with your library, but I know mine does a book sale every year where they sell old library books to make room for some new ones. We have got a lot of nice books for .25- $1.00 that way. Also, check yard sales!

I have a toddler and a preschooler at home. We read books daily before naps and before bedtime. It is part of our routine that both girls enjoy. My 3 year old is loving reading Disney Princess books right now and my 16 month old loves any book with animals, especially doggies. Do you have a reading routine? What are some of your children's favorites? I will have to share some our favorites, but will save that for another post.

I have several friends with elementary school age children, who find summer kind of difficult having their children home all day and trying to entertain them.  Reading should be part of their every day. If they are bored have them refer to the BORED acronym. Here are some links to reading logs, reading programs to check out. Make reading time part of their every day and make it fun!

Check with your local library for a summer reading program as well. My 3 year old is so excited to complete her reading chart so she can bring it back to the library for a free book and a ticket to a local museum. Book stores also have story times that can be fun during the summer. I know our local Barns and Noble has a cute pajama time story night, which we will be attending as well as a 5 Little Monkeys Storytime/craft.

For daily reading at home take a look at some of the links for some ideas to make reading something they look forward to and enjoy.

For older kids that can write or even children that can draw, create a reading journal to write book reviews. Follow this link to find the "READ" letters to download as well as a reading and a downloadable rating system.

Reading chart for little ones. Follow the link for free download.  Includes June, July and August. 

Check out these fun photo bookmarks. 

NoTimeForFlashcards.com (check out the link) has 25 great books ideas with family outings. I know we will be checking out and doing some of these activities this summer.

Summer Reading Bucket List

Check out Barns and Noble's Summer Reading Program. Your children can earn a free book. 

Pottery Barn Kids also has a weekly story time as well as a summer reading program where they can earn a free book. If you have one near you, check it out! Follow the link to find a store near you for events as well as the summer reading challenge book list.

For the extra ambitious, could you make me one of these too?! Click here for a tutorial for a fun reading teepee. Now, who wouldn't want to relax and read in a teepee?


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Your ideas for reading to children are great! Here's another link to make a tee pee from sheets: http://xoxograndma.blogspot.com/2014/06/making-tee-pee-from-sheets.html

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