5 on Friday

1. All 3 of my kids still nap at the same time, but I would still love to make these. Sometimes nap time is not enough quiet time! 

2.  Some day I will have a craft room. 

3. I'm working on this! 

4. I am kind of obsessed with the idea of having a blue house and a yellow door.

5.  Strawberries were .98 this week! I will be making this yummy syrup!

Have a good weekend!


Photo Challenge Update

Do you remember the photo challenge I posted at the end of 2014? I hoped to do an update every other week, but we are 3 whole months into the year and this is only my third update. It has been a busy new year with a new baby, a move that has brought lots of change and adjustment and a new job for me. I am grateful for this challenge though, because it has forced me to take out my "nice camera" and play around with it, which I do not get to do nearly enough. I have kind of put my desire to really learn how to use it on the back burner. Here is my update. Remember, I have not yet done any editing, so this is the best that I can do for now. 


feet (I couldn't decide, which one I liked best)

blankie & all tuckered out 

Marriage Monday: Spouse vs kids- Finding a balance

I love Dr. Matt Townsend.  He is a relationship coach, life coach and communication expert. My husband and I have gone to his Date Night and laughed so hard and left feeling uplifted and determined to grow closer together. I have also done his Life Changer program. I am a huge fan! Watch this short 8 minute video with some great insight and reminders to find balance in your marriage.

1. Find the compliment not the critique.
2. Lose the excuse that you do not have time. Invest your time it what really matters.
3. Focus on the important and not the urgent.
4. You have to get time together on the schedule. Every single day. If it's not on the schedule, it's not going to happen!