DIY Saturday: Get Organized by 2014!

'Ring in the New Year right with an organized home! There are 39 days left (counting today) until the New Year! Yesterday I began my own 40 day challenge. I should have posted about this sooner, but it wasn't until I was cleaning out my children's closets and was in a pile of mess (it always gets worse before it gets better, right?!) that I decided it would be fun to share this with all of you and maybe get some of your tips & tricks and motivate each other!  If you search 40 day organizing challenge there are several sites that come up. This is one of the sites I enjoyed the most. The goal is to tackle one area a day as to not overwhelm yourself.

1. Make a list of 40 areas that need attention/ that you would like to tackle. They can seriously be very bite size. For example our bedroom closet is broken into several days. 1 day is our shoe rack, another day is our clothes, and the third day is our shelves. 

2. Deep Clean, Dejunk and Organize- Some areas may only take a few minutes but some days that will be all that I have. With that being said I am not tackling my list of 40 in order, but taking it one day at a time and doing one thing on my list that is realistic for that particular day. 

By the start of the New Year I am hoping to be organized! I love the New Year! I always feel like September and January are always a fresh start!  Remember don't get overwhelmed, just take it one day and one area at a time. If you feel overwhelmed take a step back and break it into an even smaller task... bite sizes! 

Home Storage Solutions has a lot of really good tips. For more information on the 5 rules for reducing clutter visit their site! 

Once your home is organized they also have a weekly challenge to keep up with it! Link here!

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