DIY Saturday: Toddler Halloween Party

I love Halloween. I love celebrating and want to pass that joy of celebration to my kids. I borrowed ideas from several sites, so this is just a compilation of what I feel like made for a fun toddler halloween party. Enjoy!

food- fruit cups with jack-o-lantern faces drawn onto them
         string cheese with ghost faces
         spiders- ritz crackers, pretzel sticks for legs, peanut butter (cream cheese would work too), 
         chocolate chip eyes and fruit snack mouth
         juice boxes made into mummies

games/activities- freeze dance to Halloween music
            donut on a string- it's a classic and so fun to watch
            pass the pumpkin (played like hot potato, but we played that whoever was holding the pumpkin 
            when the music stopped got a pumpkin sticker)
            pin the spider on the web. (i found a window cling of a web with spiders at the dollar store, 
            but one can easily be made using clipart) 
            painting pumpkins 
            Monster Bash- Material: styrofoam bowls, hot glue, tissue paper, cardboard or thick board, tape
                                   Place treats inside bowls, cover with tissue paper, hot glue to board. 
                                   I saw a take out a villain version for a superhero party and got the idea for the   
                                  "bash a monster." I just used scrapbook paper I had on hand. Get creative. We
                                   included little containers of homemade playdough, stickers, spider rings,
                                   halloween straws and glow bracelets, a lollipops
             Carmel Apples- let them dip apple slices in carmel and sprinkles
favors- orange balloons with jack-o-lantern faces. I cut my faces out from my silhouette, but they can be cut by hand using black vinyl or even drawn on. Bags of marshmallows with ghost faces drawn on them.

Party decor that also served as party favors. Each child got to take one home. Tied to each balloon were bags of marshmallows with ghost faces drawn on the bags.

freeze dance to Halloween Bop music. Such a fun CD. Includes songs such as "I Want Candy", "Monster Mash", and the "Purple People Eater"

Pumpkin Painting

Classic donut on a string. This was fun to watch. We did mini donuts for their little mouths and to limit the amount of sweets.

Instead of the usual pinata we did a punch box.

They dipped apple slices in carmel and sprinkles.


mummy juice boxes.

Pictures taken courtesy of Caitlin Nicole Photography.


The Chezik Family said...

It was a fabulous party!

Jeanne Fenton said...

The kids all loved it and it was so much fun!