God Bless the USA- 4TH of July Craft and Lesson

We love holidays and celebrating. We also love our country. With that being said the Fourth of July is one of our favorite days. It is a great opportunity to teach our children the pride and love we have for our country. 

My 3 year old made this flag. We took the opportunity to talk about what the flag symbolizes, the colors and what they represent, we talked about patterns for the stripes and colors and counted together. I picked up foam paper which had a sticky back so she just stuck it all together, but it obviously can be done with construction paper, scrapbook paper... the main point of the activity for us was discussing the flag and our country.We looked at a world map and found the United States and then looked at the United States map and found Utah, which is where we live. I have linked up some of the sources we used. 

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