5 on Friday

5 on Friday... a day late. Yesterday we were busy celebrating our sweet Sage's 4th birthday. I should have set this to post yesterday, but since I didn't... here it is!

1.  Excited for Spring even if we have had a mild winter. My kids will love making these simple bird feeders and watching the birds. Simply put peanut butter with bird seed on a toilet paper roll.

2. I have all the ingredients for this. I just may need to try this. 

3. I am kinda on a roll with Spring. Maybe because the last few days have reminded me that it is indeed still winter even though we have had lots of days that have felt like Spring. Love these fonts. 

4. I am currently eating a few too many of these as I type. No, they are not Whole 30 compliant. I totally felt so much better when I was on Whole 30, but our move threw me through a little bit of a loop. These sweet, creamy lemony bites of goodness can help get you through any kind of loop! They currently sell them at Costco. You can thank me later! My sweet husband dragged me there the other night insisting that I was going to cry as soon as I tried them. I just about did. I LOVE lemon. Check then out. 

5. I really want this purse. 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! 

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