What's Cooking Wednesday: Creamy Chicken and Asparagus Pasta

Who doesn't love a good pasta dish? Pasta is comfort food. Pasta with bacon and a creamy sauce is naughty and divine. I found this recipe off of Cooking Classy with a Sprinkle of Fancy and knew it would be a favorite. We had this for dinner last night and I am counting down the hours until 11:00 when I can have leftovers. 11:00 is a perfectly acceptable lunch time when it is something you cannot wait to eat. Here is the recipe.

Read on for a few little hints that made this easy. Super easy. I cooked this with a sick toddler at my feet. Heating already cooked bacon would be the easiest, but next easiest is cooking your bacon in the oven. Follow this link to find out how to do that. Or maybe that is a known way to cook bacon? It's fairly new to me and it cooked the bacon to perfection while the pasta boiled and asparagus steamed. I bet the homemade alfredo is tasty, but my store bought jar of alfredo did the trick and saved me time and thinking. I always bake my chicken in the oven ahead of time and then chop and sauté it with garlic when I'm ready to use it. Warning: this recipe does use lots of pans- one for the asparagus, pasta, chicken and then the cookie sheet for the bacon, but it is so worth it. Cook it on a night your not on dish duty! Or maybe you have a husband like mine who has declared the dishes his job since the day we were married. I'll save that mushy stuff for Marriage Monday. Anyways, I simply drained my pasta, added my jar of alfredo and some fresh shredded parmesan cheese and gently mixed in my bacon, chicken and asparagus.

Delish! Hope your family enjoys it as much as mine did. Comment on this post and let me know what you think of it. I promise I'm not exaggerating how good it is! Is it 11:00 yet?!

Picture courtesy of Cooking Classy. 

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Aliza said...

I love asparagus with pasta. I'll have to try this one. Thanks for sharing!