Fitness Friday: 9 tips to stick to a schedule of regular exercise

These nine tips are taken from The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

1. Always exercise on Mondays
2. Never skip exercise for two days in a row
3. Don't link exercise to weight loss- exercise fro sanity not vanity
4. Give yourself credit for the smallest efforts
5. Think about context-do you hate the loud music at your gym? rethink your choices.
6. Exercise frequently- If you think you are staying in shape by playing pick-up basketball, you should be playing four or five times a week
7. If you don't have time to both exercise and take a shower, find exercise where you don't need to shower afterwards.
8. Spend money to make exercise more pleasant. Exercise is a high life priority, so that is the place to splurge a bit if that helps.
9. Remember: belonging to a gym doesn't mean you go to the gym, and just because you were in shape in college doesn't mean you're in shape now.

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