Think About it Thursday: What kind of plate are you carrying?

I was fortunate to attend a mini retreat hosted by the Power of Moms the other week. The topics included peace, purpose, order and joy. One of the things we discussed that can keep us from filling peace and joy and even purpose in our lives is the nasty thing of comparison. We discussed how we often look at Suzy down the street and wonder how she does it all and then feel bad about ourselves. We think about all the things she has on her plate and feel bad that we are not doing as much. Not only do we often compare others strengths to our weaknesses, we need to realize that sometimes our plates are full and that is okay. It was mentioned that we all have different size plates. Some of us have saucers, some have salad plates and others can hold a lot more with a dinner plate. Our plates may change from time to time, but it is important not to compare and realize that sometimes are plates are full and that is okay!

Sometimes I try and carry too much on my plate and feel overwhelmed. This concept of having different size plates has been so enlightening to me and has helped to take a step back and ask myself what size plate am i carrying and consider what type of activities and things I do and do not have time for at this season in my life with my current plate. What kind of plate are you carrying?

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