A is for Apple

This week's preschool theme is "apples." I love teaching, especially my own kids. I enjoy being able to supplement the things she is learning at school. So, to go along with "apple" week we have done the following activities:

Apple Stamping

Science- we talk about the parts of the apple as we cut into the apple.
Art- the colors of the apples and the painting
Math- I stamped along side her and we talked about patterns. red, green yellow, red, green, yellow...
Afterwards, we counted how many of each color apple we stamped.

Paper Plate Apple Core

Science- Once again, we talked about the parts of an apple.
Fine Motor: Cutting
Art- painting

Apple Cinnamon Playdough 

Motor SkillsUsing play dough helps a child practice using certain physical skills with the hands when they manipulate the dough with their fingers. Children can practice skills such as pinching, squeezing or poking while they play with the dough.
Math- measuring and counting 
Cognitive development- imagining she was a baker

Making Applesauce 

We found a million recipes out there. We simply peeled and cored about 10 apples, boiled until soft, mushed with potato smasher and then added brown sugar and cinnamon to taste.

We discussed our senses- what we smelt, how it tasted, felt

Apple Counting

We took the worksheet from preschool and turned it hands on. We got a basket and counted apples. I would take away and add apples and have her count how many apples were in the basket and recognize the number. I would also show her a number and have her count that many apples and put them inside the basket. She really enjoyed this activity.

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