5 on Friday

1. I am making these labels for inside my children's dresser so they can better put their clothes away.
Find the free printable here.

2. Just placed an order for bows. I love Bloomies Handmade

3. I think this is a cute, simple idea. 

4. We broke down and bought a Blendtec. Well, I did... for my husband's birthday, but if I didn't buy you better believe he would have got it in the very near future... like his next trip to Costco. Excited to make some delicious smoothies. This rise and shine smoothie looks delish and is on my list to try. 

5. I have decided to become an Usborne Book rep. I love children's books and am passionate about early childhood literacy. Want to check out some of the titles? Check here

Happy Friday! Yay for the weekend! 

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