What I hate about Motherhood

You read that title right... I said the word hate, even though I tell my kids we don't use that word! I 
  •  I hate having to see my kids get left out when going to the park. My kids are really outgoing and usually make friends where ever we go. However, on occasion their sweet "hellos" or "what's your names?" are not reciprocated and it breaks my heart. This one time there were two girls maybe a couple years older than my little one and she tried really hard to play with them and they kept running away. My sweet little girl thought they were playing until one of them said they are the "queens of the park" and to stop following them! Kids can be ruthless and down right rude. I want my kids to be liked and hate to see their confidence shot down by immature kids that don't know any better or if they do are mean. I want to protect them from the world.
  •  I hate seeing my kids not feeling well. Without fail sick kids means constant waking in the night, sometimes with either my husband or myself laying on the couch with them and very little sleep. It also means lots of snot, laundry if their is throw up involved and crying. I hate it not just because the lack of sleep and crankiness that inevitably comes along with it, but because I want them to be healthy and can't stand to see them feel less than awesome.
  • I hate when they grow out of clothes. Not just because that is more money that I need to spend to get a new wardrobe, but because that means they will never be that little again.
  •  I hate going to the grocery store with my kids. Not just because they want to buy everything in the store and there is always a tantrum at the checkout... why the heck do they put candy bars and gum at the checkout line?! I hate it because I want to give my kids the world and wish I could buy them everything, but not only could I not afford to do that, I want them to learn that we don't always get what we want in this life and that can be a tough lesson to learn sometimes.
  •  I hate telling my kids to calm down because I don't want to stifle their energetic and fun personalities, but my neighbors below us I'm sure hate the noise.
  •  I hate potty training. Not only because that means we are trapped in the house 2 feet away from the little potty for a week, but because that's just another sign that they are growing up and saying goodbye to their babyhood.
  •  I hate that every time we go out and no matter how bad I wanted and needed the break that I can't stop thinking about them and how I think about all the things they would enjoy if they had come along. Seeing things through a child's eyes is magical.
  •  I hate how my kids can call me out when I am in a bad mood. I hate it because I really do want to always be happy for them and hate that they have to see me otherwise.
  •  I hate crying kids in the car because most of the time (not all the time!) the tears are legitimate and they need a drink or are just so tired and need to be held, rocked and put in their nice cozy beds with lots of hugs and kisses, but at that moment there is nothing I can do for them.
I LOVE being a mother. There are rough days, but nothing gives me more joy! 

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