Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Stuff Control

Ready to get that post-holiday clutter under control? I tried really hard to get everything decluttered and organized before the end of the year to avoid the post-holiday clutter, but December was a busy month full of fun and memory making as well as sickness in our home that took it's toll. Thankfully, the following tips are not knew to us so things are not totally out of control, but regardless to where we are on the clutter control scale in our home, it is something that continuously needs to be done because clutter has a sneaky way of creeping up on us!

I love this article from Power of Moms with tips on how to get your "stuff" under control. Worth the read, but here are the 2 simple tips: Downsize your current stuff and don't by stuff! Read the complete article for details.

Downsize your current stuff: 

  • If in doubt, throw it out."
  • When something comes in, something must go out.
  • embrace an "abundance" mentality. 

Don't buy things:

Ask yourself-
  • Do I need this? Really?
  • Where will I store it?
  • How will I maintain it?
  • Will it really make my life easier or better?
I also love these ideas:

Something I struggle with in many aspects of my life is making things more complicated than they need to be, so this will be a life long motto that I will need to remember. 

Hopefully, some of these tips & tricks will help you get your stuff in control. What tips and tricks do you use that help you?

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Kim @ utahcountymoms.com said...

Sometimes I put things away for at least a month and if I never seem to need it during that month, then I know it's good to give it away!