Photo Challenge 2015

Are you always taking pictures of your kids? Or do you need to take more? 

I recently got a new camera. I have wanted a nice one for a while and my sweet husband came home from Black Friday shopping with an early Christmas/5 year anniversary surprise for me! I always said that when I got a camera I really wanted to learn how to use it. I can
point and shoot" with my phone or a less expensive camera, so I really want to  learn how to shoot in manual.

Regardless to what camera you have, please join me in this photo challenge! I have been thinking about some new year goals and like I said, I want to learn how to use my camera, but I also love taking pictures of my little ones, which is why I wanted a camera to begin with... so after looking at several photo challenges I came across this one that I am really excited about. There are 75 photos to take, so 1-2 a week. That's manageable right?

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