5 on Friday

New Year and new goals for this little blog of mine. I started doing 5 on Friday before the exhaustion of my pregnancy took over and then with a sweet little boy joining us at the end of October the blog took a hit the rest of the year, but I would like to pick back up with 5 on Friday. 5 random and fun things... So here we go!

1. My January goal is to complete the Whole 30 challenge. It is basically Paleo. No dairy, grains, added sugars- natural or artificial and no legumes. Check it out here and wish me luck! I'm on day 2 and so far so good. 28 days to go! I can do hard things!

2. In attempt to get my kids to eat more veggies I made these delicious sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin muffins. I adjusted the recipe to work for us, so I will have to share it soon. Maybe for a What's Cookin Wednesday, if I can get that going again. I would also like to make this recipe of Hidden Veggie Mac n Cheese.

3. This bookmark is on my wish list. 

4.  Fun fact. On my husband and my first date, which happened to also be our first time meeting, I made a wish that he would be "the one." I really liked him. On our second date which was the very next day we were both talking about getting married. 

5. Thought this was a cute idea. Use cupcake liners for mason jar lids. 

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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