5 on Friday

I use to do Fitness/ Health Friday, but since being pregnant I have not exercised and I have given in to just about every craving and drink way too much Coke Zero, so along with lots of other posts my Fitness/Health Friday has failed!

I would like to however, try something new. 5 on Friday. I have seen several bloggers who do this and I absolutely love the fun and randomness. So, here goes my first 5 on Friday and hopefully at least 1 of my 5 will be helpful, inspiring or be something you can relate to! And I just may throw in something"fitness/health" every so often!

1. Feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day? Wish you checked off more of your "to do" list? Try writing a "Ta Da!" list and write all the things you did accomplish! Even if the list includes "changed 6 diapers, wiped a snotty nose countless times, read the same book over and over, kissed a "ouchie" all better..."


2. This is the inspiration for our baby boys bedroom. Love this print.

3. Craving this sandwich right now. This just might have to be on the menu for next week! I am also LOVING this website! She has awesome menu plans! Follow this link for the recipe or the club sandwich and be sure to check out the rest of her site!

4.  This is great advice. Expect the best and give others the benefit of the doubt.

5. I need this shirt! 

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend

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The Chezik Family said...

Where is that plane print from