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How do I ease separation anxiety? {tips from babycenter.com}

Try not to let your child pick up on any feelings of apprehension. If you're worried, she'll pick up on your anxiety and feel anxious too.
Treat brief separations casually – don't get worked up or linger over saying goodbye, for example – and your baby will learn that there's nothing to worry about. And if she's happy, you're happy.
Make sure your child is well rested and fed when you go out. She's more likely to have a hard time when you leave if she's tired, hungry, or not feeling well.
It's a good idea to pay the sitter to come over for an hour or two a couple of days before you plan to go out. That way, she can get to know your baby and you can see how they get along. Then ask her to come a half hour before you're ready to leave so your baby can ease into the transition.
Don't sneak out without saying goodbye, but do check that she's enjoying a new toy or fun activity with the sitter when you're ready to leave. Then say goodbye and leave promptly.
Remember, you not only deserve but need to have a little time to yourself. And don't count time spent at work as time spent alone. If you work, you'll still need occasional time away to exercise, see friends, or spend an evening with your partner.
Of course you'll miss your baby, and you may feel guilty about going, but take it easy on yourself. If you find that you feel so guilty that it interferes with your ability to enjoy your time away, try leaving your baby with someone she's already familiar with – this will help ease separation anxiety for both of you.

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Babysitter Kit Ideas for when you bring your child to the babysitter

Babysitter Bag with everything the babysitter needs for a successful night. Some things that may be included: 
  • microwave popcorn*
  • smarties (never know when you are going to need a little bribe!)*
  • coloring book
  • markers
  • bedtime book
  • craft packs
  • wet wipes
  • stickers
  • basic first aid supplies (contained in a small organizing bag with wrist strap)

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