12 Back to School Ideas You Don't Want to Miss!

1. Love these free printable binder covers. The colors and patterns are so pretty and fun!

2. Back to School Chart Printable to help make sure everything is ready for the next day! Free printable
here.  All you need to do is print, put it in a frame and it becomes an easy checklist you can use every day with a white erase marker. There is also a boy version if this one is too girly for you!

3. We are a huge fan of the library! We love storytime and all the programs they have to offer. We have a special basket where we keep all our library books in each week. Love these books ideas about going back to school. Visit your local library and check out a few!

4. I think this interview is a great way to start the first day and is a great memory keepsake that includes a picture of the first and last day of school for each year. 

5. Days of the week clothing hangers. Pick out outfits for the week to help save time and the fight in the morning of trying to figure out what to wear. Find the free printable here. I could have used this when I was growing up.

6. Create a homework station. Start the year off right with an afternoon routine and quiet/organized space that has all supplies your child will need to complete their homework. And to go along with homework ideas, I love this podcast by Power of Moms with Homework Secrets your kids will thank you for. 



7. Throw a back to school themed dinner the night before school starts. This is something I know I want to do with my kids. Here are a few ideas I have seen floating around the web. I will be sure to post our back to school themed dinner once we have it too!

8. Lunch box love notes. Print a bunch of these out ahead of time and keep them in your pantry to throw in with lunches to let your kids know your thinking of them and miss them while they are away.

9. Back to school price points you should know. Check them out here.

10.  Create a healthy snack drawer for after school snacking. Ideas here.

11. After school questions. Get your kids talking with this idea.  A lot of times we tend to ask the same questions.  Did you have a good day?  What did you learn?  The thing I love about these questions is that they are so specific.

12. This is a great article about helping your child deal with stress and have a successful school year along with this online class on the topic. 

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