5 on Friday

1. We are blessing our sweet boy tomorrow. He is wearing his dad's blessing outfit from when he was a baby.

2. I am on day 23 of Whole 30 and plan on transitioning to Paleo afterwards. I really feel better than I have since I can remember. Making drinking lemon water a habit as well. I really want to be healthy for my family and when I feel good I can be the best version of myself I can be. 

3. This is an inspiring post that speaks to my heart. I want to be a fun mom. I want to enjoy being home and with my kids and not get stuck on auto pilot, which is easy to do. I want to make fun memories and be silly. I want to smile and laugh every day with the ones I love. Read the post here.

4. truth 

5.  Thought this was funny. 

Have a nice weekend! Do something fun and relax! 

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