Photo Challenge Update

Okay folks, I have been working on the photo challenge. There really are not enough hours in the day! I'm determined to really learn how to use my camera and take better pictures of my little ones.  For any photographers out there these were taken in AV mode and I have since learned how to manually select my focal point. Please be kind... remember I am learning. I also have not even attempted learning how to edit photos yet. I think I will get Lightroom instead of photoshop... opinions? Here are some pictures from the first couple weeks. 


She naps in her baby brother's room, thus the mix matched bedding... I really wish I could edit because this picture has too many colors and prints for my liking. Maybe I will retake "sleep" but for now this is it... I want to hold myself accountable for taking 1-2 pictures a week and this was the best I could do.


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