10 Tips for Better Behavior Part 1

It's ironic that I planned on sharing this today because boy have we had a morning! All my little angels are napping now, but we sure had some serious behavior problems this morning. If you follow me on facebook, which I hope you do, you know that I love Amy McCready and her Positive Parenting Solutions program. I should clarify... I am still saving my pennies for her actual "program", but I love what she teaches and follow her blog and read all her articles. She is a true inspiration to me. See her entire article here, but I want to outline her 10 steps with a few thoughts, experiences and resources...

1. Invest in one-on-one time with kids daily. 
This is so important. I read Amy's book, "If I have to tell you one more time" a while ago and shared a post about her method "Mind, Body and Soul." Read the post I wrote here. Basically it is being present with your child with your mind, body and soul for at least 10 minutes. In her free webinar she talks about the reasons behind misbehavior and one the main reasons is their need for attention. I have put this to the test and I can tell you that when I take 10-15 minutes, even just 5 minutes, to sit down and play a game with my girls or to color with them or just simply be there with them without any distractions, their behavior is so much better! 

  • use the time to do what they want to do
  • put away phones, turn off the TV- do not be distracted

2. Get Serious About Sleep. 
Oh we all know what cranky kids are like. I was blessed with early birds, so early bed times and naps are not negotiable. I really like this short little article from Power of Moms and love the book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. 

3. Focus on Routines
Kids thrive on routines and like to know what to expect. I really liked this daily routine for the kids. We used it for a long time, but the kids got to the point that they knew the routine without having it posted. My almost 2 year old is at a point where I will probably bring it back because she could benefit from having it posted. If money grew on trees though I would get this routine, "chore" chart, goal chart all in one... Have you seen this? It's called the Family Do Dots System. Check it out here. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can do a review and giveaway.

4. Everyone pitches in. 
For better behavior, kids need to understand that everyone needs to contribute to make a household run smoothly. All kids, from toddlers to teens, should have “family contributions” (not “chores!”) they do daily – this helps bring your family closer together, teaches them life skills and works to prevent the entitlement epidemic. Our almost 4 year old totally understand this. She understands that I mom is doing her contribution of fixing dinner so she has to contribute and set the table. She even sometimes tells me I need to do my contributions like the other day after her sister made a mess and there were cracker crumbs every where she said, "Mom, can you do your contribution and vacuum?" 

5. Encourage your kids to be problem solvers.
My oldest of 3 is not quite 4, so my kids are young but I think that this is so important and this article by Dr. Michele Borba is a great resource. The article is all about conflict resolution  and teaching kids to take a S.T.A.N.D. to Solve a Problem. Check out her entire article here. 

S – Stop and calm down. Keep emotions in check.
T – Tell what’s bugging you. Listen to each side. Stick to facts!
A – Assess alternatives. Brainstorm your options.
N – Narrow the choices to “win-wins”
D – Decide on the best one that you both agree upon -and  do it!
Check back for the next 5 tips!

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