Think About it Thursday: Mind, Body & Soul

I have recently began reading the book, "If I have to tell you one more time" by Amy McCready and it is amazing. It is "the revolutionary program that gets your kids to listen without nagging, reminding or yelling." I feel like a broken record with my two year old and have found myself raising my voice, threatening, sending her to time out a lot more than I am okay with. I feel like my discipline and consequences have been ineffective. Our two year old is not overly disobedient, but she sure knows how to push our buttons! We have just began implementing some of the practicing from the book and have already seen a difference. One method which I will share with you today is called "Mind, Body & Soul" and it is simply giving your child 10 minutes of undivided attention- no sibling, no spouse, no phone or computer. 10 minutes being fully present in mind, body and soul. She suggests that  if you sit down with them for ten minutes and do whatever they want, it sometimes saves you an hour of nagging and whining. A pretty good investment, really. McCready recommends that we aim for ten minutes of mind, body, soul time twice a day. She describes it as a way of “filling your child’s attention basket throughout the day – even when he’s not asking for your time – proactively and positively. When his attention basket is full to the brim, he won’t seek attention with negative and undesirable behaviors.” 

So, if your child is throwing lots of tantrums, being disobedient or if you are experiencing a lot of sibling rivalry this just may be the method to try. It is already making a difference in our home and let me tell you how much I really enjoy it! The other day I played with the doll house with her and tonight we played a game of CandyLand. And I know she loves it too. She doesn't say anything but her big hugs and kisses speak for her! 

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