All Star Sunday: 5 Helpful Tidbits to Motherhood

I have never actually met Cate in real life, although I feel like I have and I feel like she is an old friend since I know her twin sister Candi. I also secretly, not so secretly, have stocked her blogged and admired her mothering and honesty. She is a wonderful writer and a wonderful mother of " a little boy who is busier than a bee and sweeter than honey with a laugh that is completely and utterly contagious and a sweet little girl who is like sunshine to our soul on the very rainiest of days."  . You can follow her at http://www.thetwinbook.com. She and I have agreed that if we lived closer, we surely would be real life friends! I hope you are as inspired as I am when reading her thoughts and feelings.


There is something about a large round belly or a toddler in tow that attracts advice giving people. Most of the time I love it! Oh sure there are times when it isn't quite as well received or dare I say even welcome? 

But since a few of the tips and tricks others have so willingly shared have completely changed the way I try to parent my two small children I have come to appreciate the advice from others. I am the first to admit that I don't know what the heck I am doing!!

These are my top 5 favorite tidbits: enjoy.

1. When you are at your wits ends with your children spouse love them more. I will grab my rambunctious 3 year old and squeeze him and say "I love you to much to let you do that." 

2. Take a breath before you react. So simple right? Yet the effect is profound. In that split second I am able to save my children from myself. I respond to them a bit calmer and not with a swat on the bottom ;)

3. Tell your child what you would like to happen not what you don't want to happen. Example "Keep the milk in your cup please." Instead of " don't spill your milk." Because guess what as soon as you say the second phrase guess where the milk goes.....This one has been tricky for me but I am improving!

4. In a study I read it mentioned that there are 9 minutes in every day that have the greatest impact on a child. The first 3 minutes of your childs day, when you first greet them after  school or for younger children after a nap and then the last 3 minutes before you say good night. This is the time to touch them and make happy.

5. The last thing actually takes 10 minutes but has made THE biggest impact friends and that is having 10 minutes with out any distractions where you are simply with your child. You are at their level, letting them take the lead. There is nothing  or nobody more important in those few moments then them. They lead and you follow = them feeling so incredibly loved and connected almost magically improving their behavior. MAGIC! 

My favorite mothering websites are:
-Power of Moms (They Leave you feeling empowered and excited about motherhood)
-Positive Parenting solutions (that lady has the answers to everything!)

Favorite books:
-Duct tape parenting (I have yet to read this one but have only heard wonderful things)

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