Product Review: Braun Thermoscan

We have loved this thermometer. It is accurate and easy to use.  LCD display. This digital ear thermometer's built-in memory capacity lets you store up to 8 previous readings. It is quick!; Takes only seconds to get a reading. We love this thermometer. The only downside is that the LCD screen does not light up. However, we would recommend this thermometer. It has made the hassle of having our little one hold still for minutes to get a temperature, so much easier! She likes listening for the little bird, which we call the little beep. We can take her temperature while she is sleeping without disturbing her and it is reliable. So, if you are in the market for a thermometer the Braun Thermoscan is the one to get! It cost about $40 at Target or Amazon. It has been given 4.5 stars out of 650 reviews on Amazon. 

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