Tuesday's Tips & Tricks: Once a Month Cooking!

Let me start by saying that I am in no means an expert in once a month cooking. Keep in mind that there is a ton of information out there on once a month cooking. I am always looking for new recipes and love finding ways to simplify my life where I can (my husband would probably say different about me simplifying!) I went to an activity sometime last month called, "These are a few of my favorite things" and there were several presenters who shared thing they love. One woman shared freezer/crockpot meals and this really caught my attention. Since becoming a mom a couple years ago the majority of my meals are crockpot meals and the ones that are not I always try and make a double batch and freeze half. The thought of making freezer/crockpot meals once a month was one I knew I had to adapt. It saves a ton of time and money, not to mention makes for easy clean up after dinner; All the pots/pans, cutting boards, bowls, measuring cups, etc. are only taken out and cleaned up once. Would you like to make some?

1. Make a list of your families favorite meals (majority of meals can be frozen and baked later or better yet, put in the crockpot. For crockpot meal ideas check pinterest, ask friends/family or I will even post some the next few What's Cookin' Wednesdays)
2. Make a list of all the ingredients you need to make those meals (when you have a plan of your meals and a list of the ingredients it makes it so much easier to stock up on those items when they are on sale or when there is a coupon)
3. Multiply the ingredients by however many batches you would like to make
4. check your pantry/fridge and figure out what you do not already have on hand
5. go grocery shopping
6. label freezer bags with what each meal is, special instructions, baking instructions, date made (I jumped the gun and took a picture before completely labeling my bags).
7. take out all the ingredients
8. put meat in bag (all my recipes are chicken. every.single.one. We don't eat much other meat)
9. Put all ingredients in each bag. I like to start with the recipes that call for the least amount of ingredients, so I can quickly add them to the bag and get them out of my way. 
10. After each meal has it's ingredients in the bag, take out as much air as possible, seal and mash up ingredients a bit. Stack them flat in the freezer and voila! 
I take out the freezer meal the evening before to defrost a bit and then put it in the crockpot to bake the next morning/afternoon. 

Sit back and let the crockpot do the cooking! 


The Chezik Family said...

Do you do the Cilantro Pesto Chicken in the freezer?

Caitlin Nicole P. said...

I want all the recipes that you have named on your bags!!

Hannah said...

Yes, please share your recipes! I have tried this before but some of the meals I did weren't too good so I would love to see what you guys like! This saves soooo much time, thanks for motivating me to try it again :)

Michelle Fenton said...

Yes, I have only ever made it as a freezer meal!

Michelle Fenton said...

I will be posting them each week. Which ones are you most interested in and would you like me to feature first?

Michelle Fenton said...

Hannah, I will! These are tried and true recipes that we love except for the Balsamic Chicken... I will have to try that before I share it, but the rest will be posted! Keep checking back!