Tuesday Tips & Tricks: Free Giftcards?!

This is not a gimmick and there really is no strings attached. This is just a tip and trick to help earn a little extra money! I have earned $100 in amazon gift cards in a short time with very little effort. Have you heard of swagbucks? Let me explain it as simply as possible.

  • It is an online rewards program
  • You earn "Swagbucks" (digital dollars) by
    • using the Swagbucks search engine to search the web (swagbucks are rewarded randomly)
    • shopping online. There is a list of stores that if ordering online Swagbucks will pay you a number of swagbucks per dollar spent at designated store. Some stores include Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, Best Buy... there is a huge, long list! 
    • Voting in a daily poll which takes seconds to do
    • surveys
    • completing special offers
    • watching videos 
    • printing and redeeming coupons
(I have earned most of my swagbucks by simply searching the web and by shopping online, which I would already be doing, but I get some money back for doing it! I have occasionally done surveys as time allows, which is not often)
  • There is a rewards store that includes gift cards to just about anywhere. I have just chosen to redeem mine for Amazon giftcards, which has paid for birthday gifts, baby items and will also be paying for part of Christmas gifts. 

Click here to sign up!

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