All Star Sunday: Single & Strong

This next mom is definitely an "All Star". I met Jessica about 8 years ago working at a preschool together. I'm not sure if she remembers this, but one day she told me she had stinky feet and she took off her shoe for me to smell. I did. Don't ask me why, but I sure am glad I did, because she told me later that that was when she fell in love with me and I knew at that moment that I smelt her stinky shoe that we would be life long friends! Jessica is witty, funny, sarcastic, fun to be around, honest, loyal and compassionate. She has been the greatest friend and is an awesome mom. Let me just say how I much I admire and respect her. She has picked up her broken pieces and stayed strong for her two beautiful children, has gone back to school and back to work and is creating a life with them. She is one remarkable woman and mother!


Hi! My name is Jessica! I'm a single mom of two! I have a five year old boy and a one year old girl. I wasn't always a single mom. I had the guy, the house, the dog I thought what I had was the perfect "family" never did I think that one day I would be doing this parent thing ALL alone. 

Being a mom in general is hard, but being a " single" mom has its own set of challenges. From trying to figure out how your going to pay from one thing to the next or having the 2:00am screaming baby while the other one wets the bed! It's your turn honey! O! Wait! I'm a " single" mom! It's my turn. Lol O! And lets not forget going out and seeing the cut little family that you once had, that's always fun. That's just SOME of the stuff that " single" moms go through!

 "How do you get through it? How do you make time for yourself?" I know with me, the way I get through it is:
#1 I pray! I pray that God gives me the patients for another day. 
#2 I tell myself that everything happens for a reason... I truly believe that.
#3 I find time for myself! That's so important! Sometimes being a mom can feel monotonous and make you feel like you have lost yourself. I always try everyday to take some " ME" time. Even if its 20 min, it's still MY 20 min. When my one year old takes her nap I sometimes paint my nails or catch up on my DVR or scroll Facebook. Or when the kids are in bed I take a nice hot bath. 

If being a single mom has taught me anything it has taught me that me and my kids can ALWAYS count on each other! That we may be little and broken, but we are still a family! And it has taught me that I am so amazingly strong! That they (my kids) have forced me to do things that I never thought I could possibly do! So my hat goes off to ALL you single moms out there!! We are AMAZING!

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cate said...

She really is so amazing!! hat off for sure!