Product Review: BEMIS NextStep Toilet Seat

We got this wonderful toilet seat as a gift and it has been the best! It can be purchased at Home Depot for about $40-$45 depending whether or not you need an elongated or round front. We started potty training with this portable seat for the mere convenience of being able to bring it with us anywhere. We spent a few days naked with the potty right next to her wherever she was in the house. A dozen accidents and one day later we were accident free. I realize this isn't the case of my many little ones, but boy am I grateful it was the case for ours. It is just about the only thing that she has been so easy going with in her short 2 year life. Anyways, back to this wonderful little seat... It is just that. Wonderful. Unlike the children's seats that can be put on the big toilet and you take on and off, this wonderful seat is nice because there is no additional cleaning. Easy to clean when cleaning your bathroom as usual. No extra handling. It was super easy to install. Easy for little one to use by themselves. Sturdy. There is a "quiet/slow close". When the child's potty is not being used you would never know it was even there; the little seat stays up magnetically. This is the perfect product if you have small children at home. 


cate said...

oh my gosh I need one!!

Michelle Fenton said...

Sometimes it hard to determine needs verses wants... but I would agree and say yes, you NEED one! ;)