Joy School- Fire Theme

This week for Joy School we did a fire theme. We had a tour scheduled at the fire department that unfortunately we will have to reschedule because they were not at the station. We were however, able to do some activities that went along with the theme that were a lot of fun. 
  • We read books about firefighters.
  • We talked about what we would do if our clothes ever caught fire and how we "stop, drop & roll". We all had a turn practicing. I cut out red, orange & yellow flames from felt and attached them to an adult shirt so it would be easy to put over there clothes and for every one to have a turn. 
  • We all took a turn putting out a fire. They sprayed flames made of foam with a squirt bottle. They really liked this activity. 
  • We made firetrucks out of construction paper discussing color and shapes.
  • We talked about the letter "F" and what sound it makes. We then painted the letter "F" to look like a fire. 
  • Everyone also had a turn to try on a firefighter costume. They all got to take home a fire hat which were purchased at a party store. 

There are so many fun things to go along with this theme, but this was just the right amount for our two year olds. What activities have you done for a fire theme? 

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