All-Star Sunday: Thoughts from a new mom!

 This week's All-Star mom is a good friend of mine, Kelsey. Her and her husband were one of our first... well only friends really, at our old place. We were so sad to see them move away. She is the sweetest and sat with me at church when we were new. She and I would do crafts together and I loved that time I got to know her. She wanted to a mother more than anything, so when we heard she was expecting her handsome little man we were thrilled for them! Here are a few thoughts from a  "new" mom, but "All-Star" mom!


Being a mom is a lot harder than I thought it would be. It's tiring, emotional, stressful, and time consuming. Everyone always told me how great it is, and what a great mom you will be, but never how hard it is to  actually raise a child!

Having said that, being a mom is the most rewarding, joyful, love filled experience I have ever been through. Waking up and peeking over his crib to see his big smiles, is the best part of my day. It's crazy how much I can love someone and I have only known him 4 months! It has brought my husband and I closer, and filled our lives with so much happiness. We love our little Corbin!

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