Beauty/Fitness Friday: Body Love

What do you see when you look in the mirror? If the first thing that comes to mind is something critical, you're not alone. This month Studio 5, a local station, is challenging us to think positive about our bodies. 

Brooke Walker shares the Studio 5 campaign, called Body Love.Forget the flaws you see in the mirror. If you really stop and think about the things your body can do, it's quite a miracle! Take the body love challenge and think of at least one physical feature you like about yourself! Personally, I would say I love my hands. I love that they can create anything I put my mind to,  they can pick up my littles ones and rub their backs in comfort, they can cook and they clean which is an important way I feel I show my family love, they can build towers of blocks and play play dough and they can tickle! What do you love?

I also absolutely LOVE the 10 tips to teaching our daughters, or sons as well, to love their bodies! Check them out and be sure to implement them!

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